Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's
Landewadi, Bhosari, Pune-411039
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, India
Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra and University Grants Commission(UGC)(2(F) & 12(B))

Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's
Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's


Intake Capacity- 480

Three Year B.Com. Degree Program in Commerce
(Faculty of Commerce and management)

Choice Based Credit System

Preamble: Commerce education is that area of education, which develops the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for the handling of Trade, Commerce and Industry. Commerce education is entirely different from other disciplines. Hence, it must charter Course routes to service the aspirations of the nation. To meet the growing needs of the business society, there is greater demand for sound development of commerce education. The relevance of commerce education has become more imperative, this means a marked change in the way commerce and management education is perceived in India. The Commerce education is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s leaders, managers, and professionals.

Sr. No. Name Education Designation Exprience Photo
1 Prof. Jayshree Aramani V. M.Com., M.Phil, M.B.A. NET HOD, Asst.Professor 18 Years
2 Dr. Adal Sugriv kisan M.Com., SET, Ph.D. Co-ordinator,
Asst. Professor
7 Years
3 Dr. Gore Pragati R. M.Com., NET, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 13 Years
4 Mrs. Panchariya Sunita D. M.Com., Assistant Professor 14 Years
5 Mr. Dandeakr Sunil G. M.Com, SET, NET Assistant Professor 6 Years
6 Mrs. Karmare Kajal S. Msc. (Maths) Assistant Professor 5 Years
7 Mrs. Birajdar Sapana S. M.A.(Eco), M.Phill., Ph.D.(Pur.) Assistant Professor 3 Years
8 Miss. Shinde Priyanka B. M.Com., Assistant Professor 1 Years
9 Miss. Gaikwad Tejaswini T. M.Com., Assistant Professor 4 Years


F.Y.B. Com
Financial Accounting, I & II
CO-1 Students are enabled with the Knowledge in the practical applications of accounting.
CO-2 To impart knowledge of basic accounting concepts.
CO-3 To create awareness about application of these concepts in business world.
CO-4 To impart skills regarding Computerized Accounting.

Business Mathematics and Statistics I & II
CO-1 To use and understand useful functions in business as well as the concept of EMI.
CO-2 To understand the different concept of population and sample and to make students familiar with Calculation of various types of averages and variation.
CO-3 To learn the applications of matrices in business.
CO-4 To introduce the basic concepts in Finance and Business Mathematics and Statistics.

Banking and Finance I & II
CO-1 To familiar the students with the fundamentals of banking and thorough knowledge of banking operations.
CO-2 To build up the capability of students for knowing banking concepts and operations.
CO-3 To make the students aware of banking business and practices.
CO-4 To make understandable to the students regarding the new concepts introduced in the banking system.

Compulsory English I & II
CO-1 To offer relevant and practically helpful pieces of prose and poetry to students. so that they not only get to know the beauty and communicative power of English but also its practical application.
CO-2 To expose students to a variety of topics that dominates the contemporary socio-economic and cultural life.
CO-3 To develop oral and written communication skills of the students so that their employability enhances.
CO-4 To develop overall linguistic competence and communicative skills of students.

Business Economics (Micro) I & II
CO-1 To provide knowledge of Micro Economic concepts and inculcatean analytical approach to the subject matter.
CO-2 To arouse the students interest by showing the relevance and use of various economic theories.
CO-3 To apply economic reasoning to solve business problems.
CO-4 To impart knowledge of business economics.

Consumer Protection and Business Ethics I & II
CO- 1 To develop general awareness of consumerism among the students.
CO-2 To understand the consumers rights, responsibility and role of United Nations.
CO-3 To have a comprehensive understanding about the existing law on consumer protection in India.
CO-4 To create awareness among the students about dispute redresses machinery and basic procedures for handling consumer dispute.

S.Y. B. Com
Business Communication I & II
CO-1 To make the students aware about the business communication.
Co-2 To develop awareness regarding new trends in business communication, various media of communication and communication devices.
CO-3 To extend business communication skills through the application and exercises
CO-4 To understand the concept, process and importance of communication.

Corporate Accounting, I & II
CO-1 This course aims to enlighten the students on the accounting procedures followed by the Companies.
CO-2 Student’s skills about accounting standards will be developed.
CO-3 To make aware the students about the valuation of shares.
CO-4 To impart knowledge about holding company accounts, amalgamation, absorption and reconstruction of company.
Business Economics (Macro) I & II

CO-1 To familiarize the students to the basic theories and concepts of Macro Economics and their application.
CO-2 To study the relationship amongst broad aggregates.
CO-3 To impart knowledge of business economics.
CO-4 To understand macroeconomic concepts.
Business Management I & II
CO-1 To provide basic knowledge and understanding about various concepts of Business Management.
CO-2 To help the students to develop cognizance of the importance of management principles.
CO-3 To provide an understanding about various functions of management.
CO-4 To provide them tools and techniques to be used in the performance of the managerial job.

Elements of company law I & II
CO-1 To impart students with the knowledge of fundamentals of Company Law and provisions of the Companies Act of 2013.
CO-2 To apprise the students of new concepts involving in company law regime.
CO-3 To acquaint the students with the duties and responsibilities of Key Managerial Personnel.
CO-4 To develop general awareness of Elements of Company Law among the students.

Indian Banking System I & II
CO-1 To provide the knowledge about Indian Banking System.
CO-2 To create the awareness about the role of banking in economic development.
CO-3 To provide the knowledge about working of Central Banking in India.
CO-4 To know the functioning of private and public sector banking in India.

Cost and works accounting I & II
CO-1 To understand Basic Cost concepts, Elements of cost and cost sheet.
CO-2 Providing knowledge about difference between financial accounting and cost accounting.
CO-3 Ascertainment of Material and Labor Cost.
CO-4 Student’s Capability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situation will be increased
A course in environmental studies

CO-1 To furnish awareness about environmental problems among people.

CO-2 Impart basic knowledge about the environment and its allied problems.

CO-3 Developing an attitude of concern for the environment.

CO-4 Acquiring skills to help the concerned individuals in identifying and solving environmental problems

T.Y. B. Com.

Business Regulatory Framework (Mercantile Law) I & II

CO-1 The student will well verse in basic provisions regarding legal frame work governing the business world.
CO-2 To know the students with the basic concepts, terms & provisions of Mercantile and Business Laws.
Co-3 To develop the awareness among the students regarding these laws affecting trade business, and commerce.
CO-4 To provide conceptual knowledge about the framework of business Law in India.

Advanced Accounting, I & II
CO-1 To provide the knowledge of various accounting concepts
CO-2 To impart the knowledge about accounting methods, procedures and techniques.
CO-3 To acquaint students with practical approach to accounts writing by using software package and by learning various accounts.
CO-4 To acquaint the student with knowledge about various concepts, objectives, and applicability of some important accounting standards.

Indian & Global Economic Development I & II

CO-1 To enable students to understand students to a new approach to thestudy of the Indian Economy.
CO-2 To help the students in analyzing the present status of the Indian Economy.
CO-3 To rendering the process of integration of the Indian Economy withother economics of the world.
CO-4 To notify students with the emerging issues in policies of India’s foreign trade.

Auditing and taxation I & II
CO-1 Students will be versed in the fundamental concepts of Auditing and different aspects of tax.
CO-2 Students can understand Income Tax system properly, and can get the knowledge of different tax provisions

CO-3 To give knowledge about preparation of Audit report, Submission of Income Tax Return, Advance Tax, and Tax deducted at Source, Tax Collection Authorities under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
CO-4 To acquaint themselves about the Definition, Nature, Objectives and Advantages of Auditing, Types of Audit, Errors and Fraud, Audit Program, Notebook, Working Paper, Internal Control, Check.

Banking & Finance II (Financial Markets and Institutions in India) – I
CO-1 Enable the students with Financial Markets and its various segments.
CO-2 To give the students and understanding of the operations and developments
in financial markets in India.
CO-3 To acquaint them to gain an insight into the functioning and role of financial institutions in the Indian Economy.
CO-4 To acquaint the students with Indian Financial System and its various segments.

Cost and Works Accounting II (Overhead and Accounting for Overheads) –I

CO-1 To keep the students conversant with the ever – enlarging frontiers of Cost Accounting knowledge.
CO-2 Students can get knowledge of different methods and techniques of cost accounting.
CO-3 To impart Knowledge about the concepts and principles application of Overheads.
CO-4 To provide knowledge about the concepts and principles of overheads.

Cost and Works Accounting II (Method of Costing)

CO-1 To provide knowledge about the various methods of costing.
CO-2 To understand the applications of different methods of costing in manufacturing and service industries.
CO-3 To enable students to prepare cost statements under different types of manufacturing industries and Service Industries
CO-4 To build the applicability of cost accounting standards in the method of costing.

Cost and Works Accounting III (Techniques of Cost Accounting)
CO-1To provide knowledge regarding costing techniques.
CO-2 To give training as regards concepts, procedures and legal Provisions of cost audit.
CO-3 To prepare learners to understand the basic techniques in Cost Accounting
CO-4 To understand the learner, application of Cost Accounting techniques in cost control and decision making

Banking & Finance III (Banking Law and Practices in India.) I
CO-1 To enlighten the students’ knowledge on Banking Regulation Acts.
CO-2 To give a thorough knowledge on Indian Banking System and Acts pertaining to it.
CO-3 To provide understanding of nature, importance, of banking sector.
CO-4 To know the structure of finance related areas.

Banking & Finance III Banking Law and Practices in India – II
CO-1 To familiarize students about concept and types cybercrimes in banking.
CO-2 To understand the aspects of paying and collecting banker.
CO-3 To analyses the banker and customers relationship.
CO-4 To enable the students to apply the legal and practical aspects of bank advances.

Cost and Works Accounting III (Techniques of Cost Accounting and Cost Audit)
CO-1 To provide knowledge about the various methods of costing.
CO-2 To understand the applications of different methods of costing in manufacturing and service industries.
CO-3 To enable students to prepare cost statements under different types of manufacturing industries and Service Industries
CO-4 To build the applicability of cost accounting standards in the method of costing.


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