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Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra and University Grants Commission(UGC)(2(F) & 12(B))

Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's
Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's


Intake Capacity- 80

Three Year B.B.A. Degree Program in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
(Faculty of Commerce and management)

Choice Based Credit System

The programme structure of BBA is designed to create detailed understanding and awareness of various business systems. This course will cultivate desired business acumen amongst the students. This programme is designed with specific objectives of developing various skills, aptitude and awareness amongst the students in tune with the prevailing business systems that govern different types of business organizations. The course structure is divided into three parts that are interlinked in a systematic manner. This is to maintain consistency and a continuous flow in the teaching–learning process and method of evaluation for each topic.
The present programme will enable the students to foster entrepreneurial attitude, ability to think independently and take rational decisions at various levels of management. It aims to develop a professional and managerial acumen and leadership qualities amongst the youth. Moreover, it incorporates various skills like time management skills, presentation skills, geo-political awareness and business awareness that are required for managerial effectiveness. This programme predominantly endeavours for holistic development of students by providing training in soft skills, computer skills, various Add on Courses and interdisciplinary subjects which are included under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

Sr. No. Name Education Designation Exprience Research Paper
1 Mrs. Apurva Wathare M.Com(Administration), M.B.A(HR) Asst. Prof. 13 Years National level paper 1
State level paper 2
Book Published 1
2 Mrs. Sarika V. Jagtap M.B.A (Financial Management), M.Com (Costing) Asst. Prof. 10 Years National level paper 1
State level paper 1
3 Mrs. Sushma Agarwal M.Com. ( Costing) NET Asst. Prof. 1 Years National level Paper 1

Pursuing Ph.D in Banking

Sem – I

Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 101 Principles Of Management
2 102 Business Communication Skills
3 103 Business Accounting
4 104 Business Economics (Micro)
5 105 Business Mathematics
6 106 Business Demography & Environmental Studies
7 [VOC-1] Yoga & Meditation

Sem – II

Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 201 Business Organisation And System
2 202 Principles of Marketing
3 203 Principles of Finance
4 204 Basics of Cost Accounting
5 205 Business Statistics
6 206 Business Information
7 [VOC-2] Tallyand Computer Based Accounting

Sem – III

Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 301 Principles Of Human Resource Management
2 302 Supply Chain Management
3 303 Global Comptencies & Personality Develpment
4 304 Fundamentals Of Rural Development
5 A1 [305A ] Consumer Behavior & Sale Manegement
6 A1 [306A ] Retail Manegement
7 A2 [305B ] Manegement Accounting
8 A2 [306B ] Banking & Finance
9 A3 [305C ] Organisational Behaviour
10 A3 [306C ] Legal Aspects In Human Resource III

Sem – IV

Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 401 Entrepreneurship And Small Business Managment
2 402 Prodution And Operations Management
3 403 Decision Making And Risk Management
4 404 International Business Management
5 A1 [405A ] Advertising And Proodution Management
6 A1 [406A ] Digital Marketing
7 A2 [405B ] Business Taxtion
8 A2 [406B ] Financial Services
9 A3 [405C] Human Resource Management Functions & Practices
10 A3 [406C] Employee Recuitment Record Management

Sem – V

Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 501 Entrepreneurship Development
2 502 Business Law
3 503 Research Methodlogy (Toools & Analysis )
4 504 Supply Chain & Logistics Management
5 A1 [505 A] Sales Management
6 A1 [506 A ] Retail Management
7 A2 [505 B ] Analysis Of Financial Statements
8 A2 [506 B ] Long Term Finance
9 A3 [505 C ] Human Resource Management Principles And Functions
10 A3 [506 C ] Human Resource Practices

Sem – VI

Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 601 Business Planning & Project Management
2 602 Event Management
3 603 Managements Control System
4 604 E-Commerce
5 A1 [605 A ] Advertising And Sales Promotion
6 A1 [606 A ] Cases In Marketing / Project
7 A2 [605 B ] Financial Services
8 A2 [606 B ] Cases In Finance/ Project
9 A3 [605 C ] Labour Laws
10 A3 [606 C ] Cases In Human Resource Management / Project


CO101: Principles of Management The course aims to provide fundamental knowledge & exposure to the concepts, theories & practices in the field of management.
CO102: Business Communications Skills The course aims to enhance the skills of the students in written as well as oral communication through practical conduct of this course and also to make them understand the principles and techniques of business communication.
CO103: Business Accounting The course aims to provide the basic understanding of accounting principles & techniques in preparing the final accounts of firms and companies for the users of accounting information.
CO104: Business Economics(Micro) The course aims to make the students aware of how the Economy deals in Micro (Small/ single) market.
CO105: Business Mathematics The course aims at equipping the students with abroad –based knowledge of mathematics with emphasis on business application.
CO106: Business Demography &Environment Studies The course aims to help the students to get a practical knowledge of how the National Income is calculated in India and how Indian Economy operates at Macro level.
CO201: Business Organization Systems The objective is to understand Organization Structures ,types, and recent trends in business.
CO202: Principles of Marketing The objective of this paper is to identify the foundation terms and concepts that are commonly used in marketing. It also identifies the essential elements for effective marketing practice. This course will give complete relationship between marketing and other management functions.
CO203: Principles of Finance Efficient Management of a business enterprise is closely linked with the efficient management of its finances. Accordingly, the objective of the course is to acquaint the students with the overall framework of financial decision- making in a business unit.
CO204: Basics of Cost Accounting The course aims to make the student understand and effectively use the costing systems for production and service industries.
CO205: Business Statistics The course aims at giving the statistical knowledge to the students so as to enable them to make statistical analysis in business which thereby help them in further studies in management.
CO206:Fundamentals of computer The course aims at understanding of the subject and enhance overall confidence and presentation skills.



CO 301: Principles of Human Resource Management The objective of the course is to familiarize students with the different aspects of managing Human Resources in the organization through the phases of acquisition, development and retention.
CO 302: Supply chain Management The Objective is to understand supply chain activities in business and logistics operations, Functions of supply chain and their operations.
CO 303: Global competencies and Personality Development To build self-confidence, enhance self-esteem and improve overall personality of the students.
To enhance global and cultural competencies of the students
CO 304: Fundamentals of Rural Development To understand the development issue related to rural society.
To find employment opportunities for rural youth.
CO 305A: Consumer Behavior and Sales Management To develop significant understanding of consumer behavior in marketing to understand the Relationship between consumer behavior and sales management.
To know the Role & Importance of Consumer Behavior.
Ability to learn how Consumer Behavior impacts the Sales of an Organization.
To understand how consumer behavior is influenced by different environment.
CO 306A: Retail Management Retailing aims to develop students’ understanding of retail strategy, retail operations management, innovation in retail, and the key issues impacting growth in retail firms.
To explore the strategic options available to retailers.
To analysis the factors impacting store design and location selection.
Code- 305 B: Management Accounting The objective of the course is to familiarize the students with the basic management accounting concepts and their applications in managerial decision making.
Code- 306B: Banking and Finance Overview of evolution and banking structure in India.
Students will understand various functions and activities of banks.
Knowledge of functioning and powers various Regulatory Authorities in India.
Use of technology in banking and Study of security measures while using E- banking
Code- 305C: Organizational Behavior The course aims to provide an understanding of basic concepts, theories and techniques in the field of human behavior at the individual, group and organizational levels in the changing global scenario. The course must be taught using case study method.
Code- 306C: Legal Aspects in Human Resources To study and explain rights of employees at work place.
To understand the legal issues related to HR in an organization.
To understand the basic concepts of Wage & Salary Administration.
To understand the Applications of The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923.
Code-401 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management To understand the concept and process of Entrepreneurship.
To Acquire Entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness.
To get acquainted with the concept of Small Business Management.
To understand the role and contribution of Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in the growth and development of individual and the nation.
Code-402: Production and Operation Management To understand the key concepts of Production and Operation Management.
To understand the various manufacturing methods and role in managing business.
Code-403 Decision Making and Risk Management To learn the key topics in decision making and risk management so that they can improve decision making and reduce risk in their management activities and organizations.
Find the best alternative in a decision with multiple objectives and uncertainty.
Describe the process of making a decision.
Code-404 International Business Management To acquaint the students with emerging trends and issues in International Business.
To study the impact of International Business Environment on foreign market operations.
To analyze International trade models.
Code-405A Advertising and Promotion Management To develop knowledge and understanding of importance of advertising.
To understand different sales promotion techniques.
Code-406A: Digital Marketing To provide students with the Knowledge about business advantages of the digital marketing and its importance for marketing success.
To help students become In demand professional by being acquainted through various Digital channels & their ways of Integration.
Code-405B: Business Taxation To understand different concepts & definitions under Income Tax Act 1961.
To understand the importance of Taxation to the students.
Code-406B: Financial Services To Study in detail financial services in India.
To study & Understand working of Indian financial system.
Code-405C Human Resource Management Functions& Practices To acquire comprehensive Knowledge of Human Resource Management Functions & Practices.
To explain the methods of Performance Appraisal, Training, Executive Development and Employee Compensation.
Code-406C Employee Recruitment & Record Management To study and explain employee acquisition and its importance in industry.
To cultivate right approach towards employee recruitment and record management



CO 501: Supply Chain and Logistics Management To introduce the fundamental concepts in Materials and Logistics Management.
To familiarize with the issues in core functions in materials and logistics management.
CO 502: Entrepreneurship Development To create entrepreneurial awareness among the students.
To help students to up bring out their own business plan.
To develop knowledge and understanding in creating and managing new venture.
CO 503: Business Law To understand basic legal terms and concepts used in law pertaining to business.
To comprehend applicability of legal principles to situations in Business world by referring to few decided leading cases.
CO504: Research Methodology To provide the students with basic understanding of research process and tools for the same.
To provide an understanding of the tools and techniques necessary for research and report writing
CO 505 – A -: Analysis of Financial Statements This course is designed to prepare students for interpretation and analysis of financial statements effectively.
To make the student well acquainted with current financial practices.
This course is designed primarily for students who expect to be intensive users of financial statements as part of their professional responsibilities.
CO 505 – B -: Sales Management To provide the students with basic understanding of the processes and skills necessary to be successful in personal selling and insights about recent trends in sales management.
To provide an understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to effectively manage the sales function – organization – sales individual.
To provide students with advanced skills in the areas of interpersonal communications, Motivational techniques.
CO 505 – C: Human Resource Management Principles and Functions To introduce the concept, principles and practices of H.R.M. to the student
CO 506 – A: Long Term Finance To make the study of long-term financing.
To make the student well-acquainted regarding current financial structure
CO506:B – Retail Management To provide insights into all functional areas of retailing.
To give a perspective of the Indian retail scenario.
To identify the paradigm shifts in retailing business with increasing scope of technology and e-business.
CO506:C – Human Resource Practices To introduce the concept, principles and practices of H.R.M. to the student
CO601 – Business Planning and Project Management To acquaint the students with the planning process in business and familiarize them with the function and techniques of project management
CO602 – Event Management To acquaint the students with concepts, issues and various aspects of event management.
CO603 – Management Control System To introduce to the students the function of management control, its nature, functional areas, and techniques.
CO604:E – Commerce To know the concept of electronic commerce
To know the concept of Cyber Law & Cyber Jurisprudence
To know Internet marketing techniques
CO605 A – Financial Services To study in detail various financial services in India.
To make the students well acquainted regarding financial markets
CO605 B – Advertising and Sales Promotion To develop knowledge and understanding of importance and functions of advertising.
To understand Key features of Sales Promotion
CO605 C – Labor Laws To acquaint the students with important legal provisions governing the industrial employee.
CO606 A – Cases in Finance/ Project The student shall write a project report on the topics selected under the guidance of subject teacher.
CO606 B – Cases in Marketing / Project The student shall write a project report on the topics selected under the guidance of subject teacher.
CO606 C – Cases in Human Resource Management / Project The student shall write a project report on the topics selected under the guidance of subject teacher.

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