Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's
Landewadi, Bhosari, Pune-411039
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, India
Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra and University Grants Commission(UGC)(2(F) & 12(B))

Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's
Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's


Intake Capacity- 80

Three Year B.B.A. Degree Program in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
(Faculty of Commerce and management)

Choice Based Credit System

The programme structure of BBA is designed to create detailed understanding and awareness of various business systems. This course will cultivate desired business acumen amongst the students. This programme is designed with specific objectives of developing various skills, aptitude and awareness amongst the students in tune with the prevailing business systems that govern different types of business organizations. The course structure is divided into three parts that are interlinked in a systematic manner. This is to maintain consistency and a continuous flow in the teaching–learning process and method of evaluation for each topic.
The present programme will enable the students to foster entrepreneurial attitude, ability to think independently and take rational decisions at various levels of management. It aims to develop a professional and managerial acumen and leadership qualities amongst the youth. Moreover, it incorporates various skills like time management skills, presentation skills, geo-political awareness and business awareness that are required for managerial effectiveness. This programme predominantly endeavours for holistic development of students by providing training in soft skills, computer skills, various Add on Courses and interdisciplinary subjects which are included under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

Sr. No. Name Education Designation Exprience Photo
1 Mrs. Sarika V. Jagtap M.B.A, M.Com, PhD. Pursuing HOD 13 Years
2 Mrs. Madhura Joshi M.C.M, Assistant Professor 7 Years
3 Mrs. Yogita Chandawale M.B.A.(MKT) Assistant Professor 2 Years
4 Mrs. Alsaba Bagwan M.B.A.(FIN)& (HR) Assistant Professor Fresher

 CO101: Principles of Management

 Course Objectives:

To understand basic concept regarding org. Business Administration
To examining how various management principles
To develop managerial skills among the students

CO1 Nature of management Basic aspects of management thinking & Develop ability of managerial thinking and cultivate business acumen
CO2 Evolution of management thoughts Ability to understand approaches to philosophy of management thinking
CO3 Major managerial Functions Ability to organize various programmes and events
CO4 Recent trends in Management To learn about new systems and trends in modern management

CO102: Business Communication Skills

Course Objectives :

To understand what is the role of communication in personal and business world
To understand system and communication and their utility
To develop proficiency in how to write business letters and other communications required in business

CO1 Concept of

Communication and

Introduction to


Ability to understand and comprehend the meaning of different

forms of communication


CO2 Methods and types of


Ability to write meaningful and concise and effective messages


CO3 Business


Ability to write precise business letters and understanding about

business correspondence


CO4 Analysis of different

Media of


Ability to use different formats of social communication and

technology based communication effectively


CO103: Business Accounting

Course Objectives:

To develop right understanding regarding role and importance of monetary and financial transactions in business.
To cultivate right approach towards classifications of different transactions and their implications.
To develop proficiency preparation of basic financial as to how to write basis accounting statement

CO1 Financial


Computation ability in business ability to distinguished between

various accounting concepts and practices


CO2 Accounting

Transactions and  Final Accounts

Problems on

Voucher system

Ability to write different accounting tractions and prepare basic

financial tractions


CO3 Bank



Ability to write necessary set of entries in books of accounts and in cash book and compare them with bank statement to understand their implications and effect
CO4 Computerized


Ability to use software like tally for writing of accounts


CO104: Business Economics – Micro

Course Objectives:

1. To understand role of economics as it influences society and business

2. To study how different decisions are taken in relation to price demand and supply

3. To develop right understanding regarding Monopoly, perfect competition, revenue Etc


CO1 Concept of Business


Ability to think in prudent manner
CO2 Demand and supply


Ability to examine implications of changes in demand and

supply on economics and ability to select right alternatives in a

given situation

CO3 Revenue and cost


Ability to comprehend the concept of cost and calculation of

revenue and cost and Production.

CO4 Pricing under various

market conditions

Ability to understand market forces governing economic


CO105: Business Mathematics

Course Objectives:

To develop appropriate understanding as how to use mathematic like computation interest, profit etc

To cultivate right understanding regaining numerical aptitude

To develop logical approach towards analytical approach data

CO1 Numerical Methods for

Business Managers

To develop Mathematical competence for various interest

related transactions and other activities

CO2 Numerical Methods for

Business Managers

Ability to examine concept of discount in different business


CO3 Numerical Methods for

Business Managers

Ability to apply the various concepts in business situations
CO4 Numerical Methods for

Business Managers

Ability to develop the skills for data interpretation and


 CO106: Business Demography &Environment Studies

Program objectives

1. To give proper understanding regarding concept of demography in modern economic setup

2. To study how population and structure changes affecting quality of life and business

3. To develop clarity of concept regarding social economic process and urbanization and its impact on society 

CO1 Concept of demography To Develop Rational understanding of demography, analysis and effects on society
CO2 Distribution of population and population growth To develop understanding regarding growth process and social economic changes
CO3 Population as resources Ability to examine implications of changes in population
CO4 Urbanization and its implications Ability to understand how urbanization affects the resource allocation and resource planning

CO201 Business Organizations and Systems

Objective of the Program:

1) To understand role and functions of modern business

2) To develop right understanding regarding business environment

3) To study how a business institution functions in a given economic set up

CO1 Nature and evolution of business To learn how a business unit works and serves the society, historical progress of business as an economic entity, socio economic changes have led to economic development, To study the new trends in commerce.
CO2 Forms of Business Organization To understand the significance of different forms of business organizations their types, function, merits and limitations.
CO3 Setting up of a business enterprise To know how to search business ideas, how to pre business feasibility report, how to identify ideal business location and deciding optimal size for a new business unit, identification of capital sources for new business unit and basic documentation required for business enterprise.
CO4 Study of Domestic and Foreign Trade To learn about how a retail trade works in business system, different forms of retail trade and their contribution in the economy To give a brief introduction to stages of internationalization.

 CO202: Principles of Marketing

Objectives –

1. To develop write understanding regarding marketing environment in the country

2. To develop appropriate conceptual understanding as to develop basic marketing concept

3. To develop new understanding regarding services , rural marketing and new trends in marketing


CO1 Concepts and functions of marketing To understand various tasks performed by marketing managers in different environment
CO2 Marketing Environment and marketing segmentation

To study the profiles of change in technology, economic policy and demography of Indian market

To study the types of segmentation To develop write understanding of profile of Indian market

CO3 Constituents of marketing mix To develop understanding regarding various aspects of price promotion physical distribution place, people, process & physical evidence affecting a success of a market.
CO4 Classifications and types of markets To understand different types of markets there role and functions To examine marketing activities are performed and contribute to the economy.

 CO203: Principles of Finance


1. To cultivate right approach towards money , finance , and their role in business

2. To develop right understanding regarding various sources of finance and their role and utility in business

3. To develop basic skills as to concept of capital structure and concept of capital structure

CO1 Basic concepts in finance To understand role and importance in business Ability to understand implication of finance on business
CO2 Sources of Finance To learn about imp features and their applications considering their requirements in business
CO3 Capital Structure To Understand how basic financial structure is designed To know what are the constituents a financially sound business units
CO4 Recent Trends in business finance To understand new and emerging trends in business finance Ability to understand about current issues related with new trends in business finance

CO204: Basics of Cost Accounting


1. To develop rational understanding regarding concept of cost expenditure in business

2.To develop understanding how overheads influence the cost structure of cost

3. To develop skills for computation of total cost for a particular product

CO1 Basic concept in cost To understand importance of costing in decision making Ability to understand importance of costing and role of costing
CO2 Elements of cost and Cost Sheet To understand how to prepare a cost statement and analyze implication of elements of cost on total cost Ability to examine different aspects of cost as they influence total cost structure and sales price. Ability to prepare comprehensive cost sheet.
CO3 Overheads Ability to ascertain ability to distinguish different types of overheads as it influences he total cost in a given situation
CO4 Contact and process cost and Methods of costing To understand role of contract costing in ascertaining cost of a particular project or activity To know how cost is ascertained for different types of processes To develop ability to ascertain cost of a particular contract under different circumstances.

 CO205: Business Statistics


1. To understand role and importance of statistics in various business situations

2. To develop skills related with basic statistical technique

3. Develop right understanding regarding regression, correlation and data interpretation

CO1 Frequency Distribution To understand the Classification- Concept and definition of classification, objectives of classification, types of classification.
CO2 Measure of Central Tendency To understand the Concept and meaning of Measure of Central Tendency, Objectives of Measure of Central Tendency, Requirements of good Measure of Central Tendency.
CO3 Measure of Dispersion Types of Measure of Dispersion- Absolute & Relative Measure dispersion (Range, Standard Deviation (S.D.), Variance, Quartile Deviation, Coefficient of Range, Coefficient of Quartile Deviation, and Coefficient of Variation (C.V).
CO4 Correlation & Regression Methods to study Correlation:- Scatter Diagram, Karl Pearson correlation coefficient, Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient ( with Repeated Ranks)

CO206: Fundamentals of computer

The course aims at understanding of the subject and enhance overall confidence and presentation skills.

CO1 Introduction to Computers To understand role and importance of computers in business processes To develop understanding regarding role of computers in business operations.
CO2 Basics of Computer Networks & Internet To develop understanding regarding usage, functionality and services provided by operating system in business processes. To develop understanding regarding need, structure and working of computer networking in business operations
CO3 Introduction to Spreadsheet Software and Presentation Software To learn the process for usage of different computer application in business processes. To develop skills and ability to handle different applications in business process.
CO4 Introduction to Internet & cyber security To understand cautions and stapes to be taken and net based services. Ability to handle various software and programmes with due cautions and care.

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